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Joshua Bronk
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The deviant art page for Joshua Bronk.
I am always looking for new interesting works to be a part of and positive people to share new experiences with. If your interested in hiring me for freelance work, or if your interested in commissioning a piece from me, then you can note me here or email me at:

Keep stopping by to see new illustrations, paintings and animations that I'll be uploading. There's a lot to come and the future holds so many exciting surprises for us. Thanks for the support and feel free to check out any of my accounts at other websites too;

Tumblr - Tumblr Account

Youtube - Youtube channel

Instagram - Instagram account
I do my warm up, warm down etc. everyday, so I thought why not use it as a way to connect with you guys. So I figured I could do 150 sketch requests of any characters you request. Why 150? I dunno, just a random number lol 
Random Samurai dude by O-Orbis
(Like this one ^)

Let me know what you think, and if you've got a character to request. If this falls through and I get no requests, then I'll just continue to do it for fun as I have been :)

More replies than I thought I'd get to be honest haha, so here's the list (I'll keep it updated). 

Since this has died down and I have a lot of work coming up I'll round this off at 50. But I will continue to accept requests so that I can continue the list once I have the time again. But don't worry, I'm still going to do up to 50 sketches before this is put on temporary hold. So keep the requests coming and I just wanted to let you know that if your after the 50th request then you might just have to wait a little longer than you'd thought.

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine and I'm feeling re-inspired to push forward! BUT I am still getting busier with professional work, meaning that these requests will be slow and I'll do them when I can, but I'm also going to cut it here. I won't accept anymore requests from now! Sorry but that's it. Thanks for all the requests and I should hopefully get them done sooner than later. :)

1. Irelia (LOL) - :icongro-ggy:
2. Arika OC - :iconan-najmi:
3. Painter OC - :iconluke-crowe:
4. OC - :icongyophell:
5. Samantha OC - :iconsweetiebelle22:
6. Kazui OC - :icondanieruneko:
7. April OC 08 - :iconben-keen:
8. Sydney OC - :iconrapasswave:
9. Silvanus OC - :iconthe-greengoblin:
10. Mugen (Champloo) - :iconprotitanium:
11. Manji (Blade of the Immortal) - :iconfirst-avatar-wan:
12. SJT OC - :iconsjt15:
13. Super Cookie - For HeroicCookie
14. Adelphe OC - :iconknightchick:
15. Rei OC - :icongazerei:
16. Hot chocolate and cookies - :iconjimmishhimmish:
17. Lien Huan FMA OC - :iconyuminari:
18. Aden OC - :iconaleude:
19. Moona OC - :iconidhreen:
20. Zara OC - :iconhinatafox790:
21. Victoria OC - :iconvanille913:
22. OC - :iconkamiroyuki:
23. Lucy OC - :iconsuzalia77:
24. Luna OC - :iconnoodle-therapist:
25. Xiaoli Hui OC - :iconkurtkun:
26. Rhythm OC - :iconryu-hq:
27. Kori Zelda OC - :iconxartisticphantom:
28. Mildred OC - :iconhatorikumiko:
29. Makie (Blade of the Immortal) - :iconhitorio:
30. Enel (One piece) - :iconhaitam:
31. Bhaal OC - :iconbhaal999:
32. Hanna tairu OC - :iconaholeon:
33. Azule OC - :iconraldu:
34. TJ Quarles OC - :icontjmcanimations:
35. Samus Aran - :iconsmolb:
36. Heimerdinger (LoL) - :iconspicerxd:
37. Lecha OC - :iconfuzzy4ev3r:
38. Sexy Nurse - :iconxesloa:
39. Zero (Borderlands 2) - :iconreinaooo:
40. Thunder OC - :iconthunderandpinkie:
41. Zhang OC - :icondasherdoodle:
42. Magy OC - :iconspazzan:
43. Calypso OC - :iconverdantfury:
44. Meekrob Queen OC - :iconzamayn:
45. Yupia OC - :iconx-tremes:
46. Jonas OC - :iconaetheradopts:
47. gijinka PKMN OC - :iconoshiz:
48. Tigriss OC - :icontigriss3011:
49. Macy OC - :iconmacythekitty:
50. Painty OC - :iconpainterpeasant: 
51. Yumi OC - :iconyumiart147:
52. Bellza OC - :iconbellzatanium4444:
53. Plague OC - :iconholy-schmidt:
54. Bill Weston (Plague) OC - :iconplagueoflondon:
55. Bloody Harpy OC - :iconbloodyharpy:
56. Xori OC - :iconruler-of-trash:
57. Hope OC - :icondragon--girl:
58. Carlos OC - :iconbufula:
59. Milo OC - :iconmajor-kusanagii:
60. Pierrot OC - :iconnathal32:
61. Edrich Knight OC - :iconlooseguide:
62. Devil Red OC - :icondevil533:
63. Edward Faust OC - :iconsomewaywardson:
64. Dr. Pink OC - :iconmythraill:
65. Dr. Anna Maddock OC - :iconthe-mad-saxony:
66. Kitty OC - :iconbubbles1003:
67. Hyokune OC - :iconsuperman3706:
68. Ed (Grumpy Knight) OC - :icontori-34:
69. Cute girl in L Hoody - :iconelfenland:
70. Brutal Bearded Barbarian - :iconkillerkb:
71. Siam OC - :icontid0:
72. Viking/Barbarian Portrait - BEAST
73. HawkHugo The Wishful OC - :iconhawkyhugo:
74. Cup of Tea - :iconfoxy-left-the-cove:
75. Silvesary OC - :iconsilvesary:
76. Ivi Levinston OC - :iconsakurakiel:
77. Milla OC - :iconflaamez:
78. A Sad Panda - :iconlollersk8r:
79. Timber OC - :icongoldhasabayleef:
80. Cartman (South Park) - :iconmilopotatoe12:
81. Blizcrank (LoL) - :iconpencil-fluke:
82. Devin OC - :iconhowlingnightmare:
83. Grayson OC - :icongrand-shenanigans:
84. Vi (Metroid OC) - :iconkoshka2:
85. Sage OC - :iconangel-leo:
86. lil' Slugger (Paranoia Agent) - :iconleo4life:
87. Camira OC - :iconflamingphoenixfox:
88. Luna OC - :iconinvaderzen1234:
89. Jackie OC - :iconjackiethellamagod:
90. Eyela OC - :iconatlantihero-kyoxei:
91. Fox OC - :iconnaminem:

Keep em coming, plenty more spaces :)
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Storyboard Panel by O-Orbis
Storyboard Panel
Just one of the scenes I'm looking forward to animating, actually I'm looking forward to animating the whole thing! It's a storyboard panel from the little spider man tribute animation I'm doing. 

Based around a villain design of my own. (not original character, just a alternate imagining of an already existing character(s)) Anyhoo~ keep an eye out!

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Thanks for the llama! Your name's really familiar. I can't seem to put a finger on it though. But Loving your art dude! Keep it up!
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Haha no problem! Thanks man! :) And yeah prob from FA/SP/TAP/dojo, used to be "flax"
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Alright, I'll check it out
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man ! from now on i am your fan ! amazing !!
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